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Whole-home awareness.

More than 2000 homeowners are enjoying a smarter home.
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Stay informed with purposeful, mindful sensors.

No more worrying about doors left open, water leaks or break-ins ever again. Notion offers a proactive system of sensors that monitor your home to create a higher level of awareness.

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Traditional security systems come with expensive fees and intimidating contracts. With DIY systems, you must buy specific sensors that only monitor one thing.
Forget all that.
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Notion offers the total home awareness package.

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More senses, fewer worries.

Whether across town or across the country, Notion’s system of smart sensors assure you that everything in your home is just as you left it. Monitoring up to eight senses, Notion sends you a direct alert when changes occur, so you can handle it and get on with your day.

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Create a more perceptive home.

Notion allows you to upgrade existing appliances, from fire alarms to home security, to create a more connected home without all the expensive upgrades. All you do is grab a sensor and go. Want to know more? The more sensors you add, the smarter the system becomes.

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No contracts. No upgrade fees.

Notion sensors connect seamlessly with your wi-fi network, allowing you to get your system up and running quickly with little upfront costs. Worried about power outages or spotty connectivity? Our optional cell backup guarantees your sensors are working 24/7.

Still not sure if Notion is right for you?

Check out our product page for details. Have a specific question? Someone else probably did, too. Head over to our frequently asked questions page to see if we’ve covered it.

We’ve got people talking.

Real intelligence is missing from my world of ‘smart things.’ Notion has a unique approach—to give me information about my home that I actually care about and only when it’s important.
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David Cohen,


By simplifying one's collection of sensors down to one system, users can keep track of everything they need to via one interface. Notion is also cost-effective, letting users use one sensor to track what eight sensors might.
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Chris Hutton,

Tom’s Hardware

Most home security systems detect a few things like fire, open doors, and motion. They’re also expensive and often come with equally pricey service contracts. Notion aims to keep you apprised of what’s going on in your home, even when you’re not there.
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Ryan Whitwam,

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